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Pickleball Round Robins How-to

Swish App 🥶Round Robin. First to 11, no win by two. And 12 player configuration. 🏆
If you play seven games with eight people, it takes between 1:45 and 2 hours to complete them.
And if you try a 12-person round robin with a limit of seven games. You can keep the time to about two hours. In the seven games, each participant will play alongside or against one of the 12 other players. 16 or more try two groups of 8.

THE APP IS FREE TO USE: https://swishsportsapp.com/

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Swish App – Create Game / Pickleball / Standard Game / Create Game / Round Robin: Rotating Partners / Set Event Date Time Place / Max Players Slide To 8 or 12 / Max Rounds 7. / Create Proceed / Invite if Players Use Swish or Add your players manually using Skip Invites / Open Game Edit Players and Add Them … All set . When you start game slide from slide from each game using swipe left or right on your screen. At the end you will have total games and points. The winner is usually the person with highest points. Have fun!

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